Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

There are no National Parks on the island of Zanzibar although there are some fantastic places to see:


Chumbe Island Marine Reserve
This is the only marine reserve near Zanzibar. The island has accommodation for guests and provides an romantic getaway place for couples. Guests are not allowed to dive here, but the snorkeling is just as good. See our accommodation guide for more details on Chumbe Island.


Jozani Forest
Jozani forest is a protected forest and is home to some of our primate cousins. The Red Colobus monkey are indigenous only to Zanzibar and there are about 2300 in and around the forest. Nature walks are available and it is suggested that you cover yourself properly if undertaking a hike, as there is very little shade.


Spice Tours
Zanzibar is known as the spice island, and the tour shows visitors the various spices are grown and harvested. Visitors will have the pleasure of seeing cinnamon trees, nutmeg trees, vanilla trees (believe it or not) and the likes. You will be asked to smell and taste various spices and guess what they are, as well as witness harvesters climbing huge trees with no harnesses or protection, to bring down coconuts for your delight.


Historical Monuments in Zanzibar
There are a multitude of historical buildings in Stone Town, and most of these are within walking distance of each other. Building to see include: Forodhani Gardens, The Palace Museum, St Joseph’s Cathedral, Arab Fort, House of Wonders, Durajani Bazaar and many more. We can provide a list of what to see, or if you prefer you can walk around Stone Town and discover things for yourself.


Your Seychelles Honeymoon


Honeymoons in Paradise (seychelles)


The islands of the Seychelles are quite simply the most romantic location imaginable. They are the perfect spot for the most romantic holiday of your life – crystal clear waters gently breaking on the pure white sands with gently swaying palms whispering in the background and a variety of hotels and resorts to suit each couple’s needs for that perfect Seychelles honeymoon. The larger resorts of Mahé are great for the more extrovert and active, whilst the secluded tropical islands and idyllic hideaways of the smaller islands and the hidden coves of Praslin and La Digue are perfect for the serious romantics seeking peace and privacy. We offer Seychelles honeymoon packages to suit everyone.


The majority of hotels in Seychelles welcome honeymoon couples and offer a number of complimentary benefits or special offers for honeymooners. Some hotels request a minimum number of nights to qualify for honeymoon ‘specials’.


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