best of Serengeti Safaris: Tanzania luxury Lodge & Tented Safari

Have you ever had a chance to visit Tanzania recently or ever wanted to pay a visit to some of the most ionic scenic destination in the world of adventure? Landing in Tanzania Arusha taking a trip to Tarangire National park• Oldupai Gorge • Serengeti National Park • Ngorongoro Highlands & Crater are just but some of the hottest destination for each every visitor to East Africa Kenya and Tanzania would never wish to miss in your itinerary.

This Tanzania Small Groups of Never more than 10-16 travelers-guaranteed departure is one of not only the best in the history of Tanzania and Wildrace Africa safari programs but also unique in it own way of Wuality, cost and comfort with no discomfort you’ve never imagined,talk of the food, the exclusive extra ordinary comfortable accommodation with no even a single element of discomfort taking the game drive later soaking yourself in the luxurious pool by the lodge/tent providing large walk in the adventure.

The legendary plains of the Serengeti teem with one of the densest concentrations of wildlife on Earth from the famous ever on their heels lovely beautiful Thomson’s gazelle, buffalo,  elephant and othe anamal species and birds  vie for survival here amidst grand backdrops, such as magnificent Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, a twelve-mile wide, 2,000-foot deep caldera.our expert Trip Leaders and driver-guides help you seek ouluxury lodge safaris/Tanzania safarit the most elusive African game in this blessed land of Nature just like kenya. This same trip can also be extended to Kenya masai mara which is also part of the Serengeti Plain where wildebeest migration behold in the month of July to September when they cross back to Tanzania Serengeti  through the Mara River,

If you were to take this trip in Kenya or do the Tanzania Kenya Safari extension or vis vasa, some of the places you will never want to miss are places like Masai mara, lake nakuru the famous birding paradise/ Flamingo,  lake Naivasha hell`s gate enjoying the boat ride and a walk within the park with the wild or simply visiting the blessed crecent island,lake bogoria catching up with lotb of activities like The hot springs, boiling an egg among others,samburu national park enjoying the view and getting closser to some of the remnant danger-ed species like Generuk also known as the giraffe gazele among others,amboseli national park to tsavo west and east to the kenya coast mombasa topping it all with the kenya beach mombasa safaris and adventure vacation holiday of long live memorable adventure in life.

We immerse ourselves in the local culture through rewarding visits to schools and villages. At night, we retire to unique and varied lodgings, including Tanzanian lodges and a four-night stay at our  private tented safari camp in the Serengeti, where delicious cuisine and first-rate service close out each day of discovery.

Here is the Amazind Draft Customised itinerary for these amazing trip you can not only aford to do once in a life time but even more with know much ado.

Day 1: Depart/catch your flight to Kenya Nairobi or Arusha

If you choose to fly in Through Kenya Nairobi,It is very much ok. Our Nairobi based Tour representative office will pick you up from the airport, drive you to the hotel of your choice if we did not book one for you,catch a flight to arusha the next morning or we can always drive you to Arusha to join with the other group.

Day 2: Arrive Arusha, Tanzania KIA airport

You arrive in Kilimanjaro international Airport near Arusha, Tanzania.Your Wildrace Africa Trip Leader will meet you at the airport to assist your transfer to tonight’s lodgings near Arusha, where we’ll join travelers who took our optional pre-trip extension to either the Foothills of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania or Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve,Amboseli and may be Tsavo east and west trips.

Day 3: Discover Tanzanian food, coffee, and crafts

Tanzania lodge safaris/kenya luxury lodge safaris and tanzania adventure

Enjoy breakfast and a briefing by your skilled and experienced Tour guide/Trip Leader and some time at leisure this morning,then depart for the Shanga River House, a cooperative where physically challenged Tanzanians are trained to create traditional jewelry and crafts from local fabrics and recycled materials. Here, we’ll join a cooking demonstration, followed by a lunch of traditional Tanzanian specialties. Then we’ll learn about coffee cultivation as we walk the coffee plantation and also observe local artisans making bead work.Talk chat buy some souvenirs returning to our lodge with time to rest before dinner.

Day 4: Overland Drive to  Tarangire national Park, Tanzania’s third-largest national park.

With nine distinct vegetation zones ranging from grassland to woodland, from deep gully vegetation to scattered rocky hilltops, Tarangire offers a diverse geological landscape, as well as diverse wildlife,including the largest recorded concentration of breeding bird species in the world just like Kakamega in Kenya . Baobab trees dot the landscape, and the valley of the Tarangire River dominates the entire scene. outstanding scenery game en route as lot of wildlife roam outside the park ,picnic lunch in Tarangire National Park,visit a group of women to observe the art of basket making which is more outstanding.Enjoy the stunning views of Lake Burunge on our way to the lodge for our two night stay at a permanent tented camp in the midst of the wilderness. Our camp features a solar-heated shower, solar electricity, and comfortable walk-in safari tents under thatched roofs.

Day 5:  day spent Exploring/game viewing in The park,Tarangire National Park

Experience Tarangire’s diversity on a morning game-viewing drive, enjoying some of the hidden treasures of the park, Topping it up with a more promising unique picnic breakfast in the bush.Amboseli is renowned for its elephant populations and large herds, including some impressively tusked bulls are drawn to a series of large, lush swamplands. But the most impressive giant of all is Mt Kilimanjaro.

Wildlife here highlights, Big  lion, cheetah, buffalo, Elephant  traveling in large herds that are not often seen elsewhere in Africa may be just in Amboseli National Park kenya. Each of our driver-guides has extensive knowledge of behavior of these great animals.

We will return to our lodge in time for a relaxing lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll have time to take an optional nature walk in the Lake Burunge area. After, we enjoy dinner together at our camp.

Day 6: Avisit to The masai village /Interact with the Locals Kenya Tours, kenia tours, samburu safari,

Kenya/Tanzania cultural safaris/A visit to the masai village-Traditional fire making
Tanzania cultural masai Visit/Masai mara cultural village

Visiting  any African country /going on African Trip most so Tanzania or Kenya in a safari tip, holiday and bush adventure Africa safari with no visit to the Masai Village in Kenya/ Tanzania is an incomplete trip to travelers who love to explore discover,experience and culture exchange. This visit to the village is not only beneficial to the travelers but also the locals. This day we experience A Day in the Life of a Masai village, where you’ll meet with the Masai and witness some of their long-standing traditions such as building a mud hut and intricate bead work. After lunch we continue to Karatu to visit a local market, and then we’ll arrive at our lodge for an afternoon at leisure. We’ll have a briefing on our upcoming activities in the Serengeti and Olduvai Gorge and an informative talk about the Ngorongoro Crater in the evening.

day 7:  Discover Olduvai Gorge • Travel to Serengeti camp

Today we have breakfast together and then set off for Olduvai Gorge. It was here, in 1959, that Louis and Mary Leakey discovered fossil fragments, which led them to a new understanding of human evolution. They developed the theory that the Oldupai Gorge was home to Homo habilis, a race of early humans that survived other species to become the ancestors of all present-day humankind. Then visit the small museum here, which explains the Leakey’s’ methods and findings. After a picnic lunch, we travel to our camp in the Serengeti. We’ll enjoy a game-viewing drive en route and arrive at camp in time for dinner.

Day 8: Explore Serengeti National Park

Today, we explore the vast expanse of the Serengeti, where the wildlife sightings will increase steadily throughout the day. Serengeti, in fact, is the Maasai word that means “endless plain.”
The multitude and diversity of wildlife species in this huge protected area are unrivaled anywhere on the planet.
race in the wildFrom our remote camp, we set out on morning and afternoon game-viewing drives. Our mobile tented camps are set up based on the animals seasonal migration patterns are are in place before you arrive. Each is outfitted with camp beds, complete with linens, blankets, pillows, and en suite facilities (shower and flush toilets) with hot water. You have your own verandah with wash basin and two director’s chairs. There is a dining tent with tables and chairs. Spend the night listening to the sounds of the animals in the distance.

Day 9: Optional Serengeti Sunrise Balloon Ride • Explore Serengeti National Park
Optional Tour

An optional Serengeti Sunrise Balloon Safari may be offered today, at an additional cost. If you choose to take this excursion, plan on awakening before dawn for an early morning ascent. You will rejoin the group after breakfast for a morning game-viewing drive.

The Serengeti stretches over 5,700 square miles of plains, riverine bush, and acacia woodland, with a dominant environment of acacia grassland. Visitors who dash from lodge to lodge catch only a fleeting glimpse of the Serengeti’s rich diversity. But from the comfort of our bush camp, there is never a rush: We go where the animals are. We can return to a promising area, or range further afield.

On our afternoon game-viewing drive, our guides again help us identify the more elusive animal species, such as bat-eared fox and golden jackal, as well as rare birds like the beautiful purple grenadier and the red-cheeked cordon blue. See if you can spot the odd-looking secretary bird or the elegant crested crane.

We dine at our camp this evening.

Day 10: Enjoy Serengeti Game-viewing drives

Today, we move at a relaxed pace, which will allow us to truly focus on observing animal behavior and interactions. We don’t just stop to photograph the next animal on a list, but spend time really getting to know how different species behave. Isolated rock groups, called kopjes, provide shelter to the solitary leopard, pairs of cheetah, and prides of lion. You’ll learn the clues that tell you if one has recently hunted or is about to hunt. Their quarry is the lone gazelle or vulnerable calf spotted amongst the hundreds of thousands of hoofed herbivores: antelope, zebra, and the ever-present wildebeest.rhino

After another rewarding day of game-viewing, we return to our camp for the evening.
Day 11: Discover Ngorongoro Highlands

Early this morning, we drive to Ngorongoro Crater. We descend to the floor of Ngorongoro for some game-viewing. The caldera of Ngorongoro marks the ancient walls of a collapsed volcano, which was probably once the size of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The circular crater is some twelve miles across, with steep walls of more than 2,000 feet. The crater’s rim is 7,500 feet above sea level, the highest altitude we reach on our trip. Because of a permanent supply of water and a precise balance of predator and prey, most of the wildlife remains here year-round. The forest areas are home to herds of bull elephant, including some large, old “tuskers.” There are several prides of lion, and many packs of hyena and jackal. If lucky, you may spot a bat-eared fox or a pair of cheetah. These predators stalk the numerous wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra. Here thrives a stable population of rhino, as well as herds of buffalo and groups of hippo. The birdlife is equally diverse, ranging from the scavenging vulture and bustard to the magnificent eagle and crested crane. Our experienced driver-guides, who are experts at locating the animals, determine our route. We’ll have a picnic lunch before we leave the crater and travel to our accommodations in Karatu.

Day 12: Discover Ngorongoro Highlands • A Day in the Life of a Iraqw village

This morning we travel to the village of Karatu, where we’ll have the opportunity to visit a local school (when in session) supported in part by donations from Grand Circle Foundation—part of the World Classroom initiative. The children will lead us on a tour of their classroom and perform traditional songs for us.
Then, we meet Karatu’s elder generation: the parents of the students we’ve met. It’s bound to be an enlightening glimpse of life in Tanzania. We return to our lodge, where you’ll have lunch and then the afternoon at leisure. We gather for a Farewell Dinner this evening.

Day 13: Overland to Arusha • Return to U.S. or begin optional trip extension

Meals included:

We’ll return to Arusha this morning and enjoy the opportunity to shop for local crafts before having lunch at our lodge. After time at leisure, we’ll transfer to the airport for our overnight flight to the U.S. via Amsterdam. Travelers on the post-trip extension to Zanzibar will spend one more night here in Arusha.

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