Kenya and Tanzania Breathtaking 14 Day safari


Kenya and Tanzania offer a breathtaking array of wildlife. But 14 days travelling these two countries gives you the chance to really discover the bold contrasts of east Africa.

Your safari club accommodation offers the splendour of the colonial era with every modern convenience, along with golf, wonderful views and immaculate gardens. Visit a nearby animal orphanage for a chance to get up close and personal with some of the famous locals. Then drive on to Serena Mountain Lodge at the foot of Mt Kenya. This prime position offers a unique game watching experience, as the animals come to you – or at least, to a waterhole located just below the lodge’s terrace, offering a fantastic opportunity to photograph these majestic creatures.

Vast flocks of flamingos descend on Lake Nakuru, along with warthogs, baboons and other impressive mammals. Try and spot some of the park’s introduced black and white rhinos. Leopard sightings have also increased in recent years.

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