Kenya Tanzania Safari Tours & Holiday packages 2018 / 2019

When one thinks of a safari, one thinks of Africa and planning African safari holidays tours, specifically east Africa tours thus Kenya Safari tours, Safaris in kenya, kenya safari packages, Tanzania Safari tours & Holidays or the combination of east Africa tour safari packages thus Kenya and Tanzania combined safaris;

Immediately images of wildlife; the big five, the great wildebeest migration, African beaches safari vacation, Zanzibar vacations, the sun, endless golden terrain, exotic flora and fauna on a privately guided tours, African budget safari holidays that is pocket friendly to all, small group joining tours, tropical sandy beach & wildlife Holidays, honeymoon, Rich wildlife, culture, family holidays, destination weddings, the strong jovial, welcoming & ever smiling people with mystical lifestyles and traditions all come to mind.

The beauty of the bush and excitement of a safari are what makes an African safari holidays and tours such a magical experience you would not wish to miss.

We pride ourselves in our personalized service and this has been the real key to our success. Welcome to east Africa Kenya, Ugada, Tanzania, Rwanda. our home, and let Wild Race Africa Safari tours make your safari a holiday of a lifetime!

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